"Venous Flow" — "Momentous ingenious enigmatic" —New York Times

Venous Flow: States of Grace premiered April 6, 2001, in Madison, Wisconsin.

Video clips:
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Venous Flow: States of Grace was an evening-length multimedia production created by choreographer Li Chiao-Ping and visual artist Douglas Rosenberg with original music by New York composer Stephen Vitiello. On January 11, 1999, Li and Rosenberg were involved in a near-fatal auto accident that threatened to end her dance career. This accident, combined with the subsequent healing process, served as a catalyst for this piece.

Li Chiao-Ping, as she retrains her body subsequent to her near-fatal auto accident, has been exploring alternate ways of moving through space that allow for her injury and compensate for the state of her physical body, expanding on her movement vocabulary. This group work refers to a test administered to Li in the hospital that measured the flow of blood through the veins in the damaged area of her leg. The device used amplified the venous flow and made it audible to both the nurse and to Li and Rosenberg as well. The act of listening to one's blood flowing through the traumatized area of Li's body created a sense of well being for the collaborators that was directly related to the healing of Li's injury. Venous Flow: States of Grace used Li's athletic and demanding choreographic process and Rosenberg's direction/video imagery to address the physical nature of hope and renewal in the face of great adversity. Themes such as ability/disability, mind/body/spirit, and eastern/western approaches to healing the body helped to shape what has ultimately been a life-affirming work. The piece featured both professional dancers and people from the community in which the work was performed. Venous Flow: States of Grace also featured additional music by Vincenzo Bellini and Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, as well as Matthew Antaky's lighting design. Costumes were developed and coordinated by Li Chiao-Ping herself. Li was aided by Andrea Harris in the rehearsal process of this piece.