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group work, 75 min., 2004
Choreography by Li Chiao-Ping

This work is approximately 75 minutes in length.  There is no intermission.  We live in a culture where our humanity is at risk.  When we see someone in pain or in need, what do we do?  Avert our eyes and step over these people or pause and lend our selves in some way? This program is dedicated to those among us who have suffered trauma, either mental or physical, yet live their lives with dignity, courage, strength, and grace. 

A woman comes out on stage and tells the audience that this is “a story about a woman” and that it is not about her.  With original music by composers Daniel Feiler, Ryan Smith, and Stephen Vitiello, renowned choreographer Li Chiao-Ping and award-winning director Douglas Rosenberg address pain and loss in their acclaimed multimedia work, Painkillers, seen recently at Dance Place in Washington, DC.  This work takes the audience through the relentless journey of the indomitable human spirit.  Li's highly personalized, raw dance statements and Rosenberg's architectural video design transform the stage into a highly-charged three-dimensional space.  Along with performer Li Chiao-Ping, members of her five-member professional dance company help the audience view and feel the telling of stories.

1.      Amnesia
2.      Onset/Falling
3.      Holding
4.      Black and Blue
5.      Grafting*
6.      Other
7.      Avoidance/Attraction
8.      Lone
9.      Comeandgo

Li Chiao-Ping 
Candice Salyers
Robin Baartman
Kim Blanchard
Robin Baartman & Collette Stewart
Collette Stewart
Colleen Coy

*The creation of Grafting was made possible, in part, with funds from the Danspace Project’s 2000-01 Commissioning Initiative with support from the Joyce Mertz-Gilmore Foundation.

Co-Created by
Visual Design/Video
Original Music
Live Music Composed and Performed by
Costume Design
Performance Technologist  
Lighting Design

Li Chiao-Ping and Douglas Rosenberg
Li Chiao-Ping
Douglas Rosenberg
Daniel Feiler, Ryan Smith, Stephen Vitiello  
Daniel Feiler and Ryan Smith
Manal Stulgaitis
Gray Taylor Miller                 
Claude Heintz

This production is made possible through grants from the Wisconsin Arts Board with funds from the State of Wisconsin, the Arts Institute through the Emily Mead Baldwin-Bascom Award and support from the University of Wisconsin-Madison Graduate School, Dance Program, and LCPD Circle of Friends.