June 18-23, 2018

Class Descriptions: 

Community Movement (M-F, 9-9:50am; Sat, 11-11:55am)

Community Movement: Cynthia Adams (Mon, 6/18, 9-9:50am)

"What the caterpillar calls the end of the world, the master calls the butterfly." (Richard Bach) Imagery, play, chance and embracing change as a practice of freedom of movement and expression will be investigated together. All movers are welcome to explore movement and voice using guided visualizations and prompts for improvisational journeys. Participants will be encouraged to notice their own patterns and be encouraged to find alternative ways toward self-expression. We will then blend individual movements into group phrases based on chance procedures.

 Let’s Play Games: Liz Sexe (Tues, 6/19, 9-9:50am)

In this class we will play improvisational games and make some new scores of our own!

Site Specific Scavenger Dance: Natalia Schradle (Wed, 6/20, 9-9:50am)

Any level and experience welcome! Join Natalia as we explore the intersection of your personal movement history in relationship to the present moment and location. We'll explore Chiao-Ping's property through the lens of luscious movement, your inspirations, and how these intersect and overlap with the texture, history, and purpose of the space we're communing in. Fingers crossed for beautiful weather!

Finding Individuality: Mary Patterson (Thurs, 6/21, 9-9:50am)

This all-levels class will support self-expression and exploration through somatic work, contemporary dance, and movement improvisation. The class will be guided by dance/movement therapy principles valuing each individual’s voice and contribution to the collaborative class process.

Warm up Piso Movil: Paula McArthur (Fri, 6/22, 9-9:50am)

Locomotive floor warm up with a slow sustained sense of continuing time. Helps get us into our animal moving body. Once warm we will come to standing for some floor sequences involving much many level changes and physicality. Exploring some choreographic phrase work forming a circular loop if time allows.

Skeleton Woman: Nicole Dagesse (Sat, 6/23, 11-11:55am)

Inspired by the tale of Skeleton Woman, we'll dive into a movement world of water and bone.  Group improvisational scores will lead movers into their bones, their skeletons and their family lineages.  Then we'll imagine these skeletons in a watery world pulled by tides and currents.  Finally we'll work individually through a series of exercises that explore becoming and unbecoming body.  All movers welcome!

Community Rehearsal (M-F, 10-10:50am)

Dancers in the Community Rehearsals are led and guided by LCPD teaching artists to actively engage in the creative process and develop movement material that will become molded and structured for the informal and final festival concert.

Youth Technique & Rep (M-F, 11-12:45pm; Sat [tech only], 10-10:55am)

Soaring High and Flying Low: Nicole  Roerick (Mon, 6/18, 11am-12:45pm)

This class will be based on using various contemporary dance techniques of getting into the air and going down to the floor. We will work on the foundations of jumping and grounding techniques and find our support and control from our center. There will also be a playful element to the class and we will work with some improvisation techniques as well.

Floorwork: Lauren Gibbs (Tues, 6/19, 11am-12:45pm)

This class will be a Modern technique focused class with an emphasis on floor combinations.  We will play with how one movement can continuously move into the next.

Digging Deeper: Mary Patterson (Wed, 6/20, 11am-12:45pm)

In this class we will explore contemporary and modern dance technique with an emphasis on alignment, dynamic quality, and performance. We will also investigate basic anatomy as an avenue to deepening the understanding of movement safely and efficiently.

Athleticism & Artistry: Elisabeth Roskopf (Thurs, 6/21, 11am-12:45pm & Sat, 6/23, 10-10:55am)

Integrating a contemporary ballet style, we will explore technical movement with an emphasis on body alignment, free-flowing energies through the center of the body, and dynamic movement qualities. This class will further explore artistry through performance skills and feeling the connection of movement from within, along with improvisational movement to give students the opportunity for self-expression to move creatively.

Youth Technique & Rep: Nicole Roerick and Elisabeth Roskopf (Fri, 6/22, 11am-12:45pm)

Continuation of work started earlier in the week.

Special Topics (M-F, 12:50-1:50pm)

Imagery-based Improvisation: Lyndsay Lewis (Mon, 6/18, 12:50-1:50pm)

Through guided imagery, we will encourage our bodies to awaken in new ways, some physical, and some subtle. We will play with different energy levels, and ways of accessing creative intuition. The class will begin softly on the floor and eventually tap into more powerful movements moving through space. Throughout this class, I will exist as a guide while we uncover subtleties in the body.  

Inversions: Lauren Gibbs (Tues, 6/19, 12:50-1:50pm)

This class will focus on preparing dancers to become more confident in solo inversions. Dancers will begin with the assistance of a partner to get comfortable being upside down, and will eventually find this on their own. The class will culminate with improvisation work for dancers to realize and find the many possibilities of inverting.  

Ballet: Mary Patterson (Wed, 6/20, 12:50-1:50pm)

This class will offer ballet technique from an anatomical and integrated perspective. Students will explore technique as a tool for liberating artistic expression through musicality, alignment, and self-exploration. A guided barre and center for advanced-beginner/intermediate levels will structure the class.

Playing with Sound: Cynthia Adams (Thurs, 6/21, 12:50-1:50pm)

This class will introduce concepts from Dalcroze and Eurhythmics as well as improvisation games from Action Theater that will then be applied to create movement material. This class is open to all levels.

Seamless Partnering without Tricks: Ken James (Fri, 6/22, 12:50-1:50pm)

We will begin to understand the mechanics of lifting and partnering to find a smooth partnering style that is not dependent on tricks. We will be going to the floor as well as off the ground in creating a basis for your own future fearless explorations.

Yoga/Pilates (M-F, 2-2:50pm; Sat, 12-12:55pm)

Integrative Yoga: Lyndsay Lewis (Mon, 6/18, 2-2:50pm)

Over the course of this hour, the focus will be on energizing and grounding the body, preparing participant’s bodies for the week ahead. Through static postures, breath work, and mantra meditation, we will work on maintaining a heart-centered attitude throughout the class.

Pilates Mat, Getting Centered: Liz Sexe (Tues, 6/19, 2-2:50pm)

This a class that encourages students to go deep and feel the strength, stability and mobility that Pilates Work has to offer.  

Alignment Yoga: Nicole Roerick (Wed, 6/20, 2-2:50pm & Sat, 6/23, 12-12:55pm)

This Yoga class will be based on principles of Hatha and Vinyasa Yoga and will focus on proper technique and Alignment. We will work into some fluid movements and also sustain more static postures. We will work on an individual level and adjust how we need to for our own individual bodies. We will focus on breath work and techniques to keep us focused on the practice and let go of the things we do not need.

Vinyasa Yoga, Poetry in Motion: Nicole Dagesse (Thurs, 6/21, 2-2:50pm)

In this full-bodied movement practice we'll take inspiration from Mary Oliver's poem, Sleeping in the Forest.  Our flow will connect to the meaning of the words and tap into the rich natural imagery.  All-levels are welcome in this flow that is both rigorous and restorative.

Pilates Mat, A Bartenieff Infusion: Constance Anderson (Fri, 6/22, 2-2:50pm)

Using fundamental movement coordination, students will be able to strip unnecessary musculature usage to find anatomical and imperative movement connections within the Pilates Mat format. The course is designed to use dance fundamentals as a way to find technique within activating the core, resulting in movement clarity within the spine and extremities. This class is an excellent way to get back to the basics, while still learning about the roots of most movement.

Pre/professional Technique (M-F, 3-4:30pm & Sat 1-2:30pm)

Dynamics and Tempo: Nicole Roerick (Mon, 6/18, 3-4:30pm)

This class will focus on using different variations of dynamics and movement effort qualities as well as exploring tempo. We will work into a general warm-up that will include floor work, center, and across the floor work. We will work with finding the extreme qualities in movement dynamics and speed and push the limits we have for ourselves. We will work on a choreographic phrase that will build upon specific dynamics and timing that will be challenging and fun!

Somatic-Based Movement: Natalia Schradle (Tues, 6/19, 3-4:30pm)

In this somatic-based technique class we will move from the floor to the air, from X rolls to jetés.

Floorwork: Lauren Gibbs (Wed, 6/20, 3-4:30pm)

This class is for dancers looking to explore modern technique with a focus on the floor. Together, we will discover how one movement can continuously move into the next—into and out of the floor with fluidity.

Articulate Flow: Megan Thompson (Thurs, 6/21, 3-4:30pm)

Lying on the floor, the class will begin with physical imagery exercises, to activate and organize the body. The class will continue with dynamic flooring sequences to warm and open the body while encouraging a sequential, joint-articulated physicality. We will investigate how our anatomy can either inhibit or encourage the flow of movement will be emphasized. As we transition to standing, head/tail exploration and spinal articulation will be integrated into more traditional foot and leg exercises. The class will culminate with a phrase that embraces momentum and fluidity as we move in and out of the floor and in and out of the air.

Finding your Standing Leg: Liz Sexe (Fri, 6/22, 3-4:30pm)

In this Horton and Limón based technique class, we will focus on dynamic balance and finding flow within turns, jumps, leaps as well as slow and sustained movement.

Go In to Set Free: Catey Ott-Thompson (Sat, 6/23, 1-2:30pm)

This is a contemporary technique class based on modern traditions with a current outlook and somatic sensibility.  We will focus on the concept of GOING INSIDE to find both our core alignment and authentic dancing self and then we will SET FREE while executing movement phrases in order to prepare the body-mind for performing from the inside-out

Pre/professional Rehearsal (M-F, 4:30-6:30pm)

Dancers in the pre/professional repertory learn phrases from Li Chiao-Ping's choreography as well as new material generated by the teaching artists and dancers to perform in the informal and final festival concert.