Mission statement

Li Chiao-Ping Dance (LCPD) is a non-profit organization that serves to support, produce and promote original, inventive, and thought-provoking contemporary choreography. We strive to enhance the lives of people in our community as well as those we reach nationally and internationally through our educational and professional, creative work. 

Known for her trademark physicality, movement vocabulary and choreographic style, Artistic Director Li Chiao-Ping creates passionate, layered works that combine multiple art forms to explore themes of culture and identity. 
LCPD’s key concept – Dancing Through Life (DTL) – reframes dance as a life-long activity. We teach dance for our diverse population and for all ages, offering classes for community, pre/professional youth, and pre/professional adults. The DTL philosophy pervades our numerous initiatives. Improve health. Expand knowledge, understanding and acceptance. Mentor, enrich, train, integrate, share and inspire.


Li Chiao-Ping Dance:

  • promotes and produces original performance works and commissions of diverse arts forms, including modern dance and music;
  • provides education, training and performances in combination with diverse art forms to inspire artistic potential and life applications of art;
  • collaborates with contemporary composers and designers;
  • reflects Li Chiao-Ping's unique movement vocabulary and choreographic style, as well as her ongoing search for exquisite and subtle gestures and risk-taking athleticism;
  • inspired by Ms. Li's Chinese-American heritage, continues making multi-layered works which combine movement, sound, and visual imagery to explore themes of culture and identity;
  • and, carries out all other purposes necessary or incident to the above.